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Summer wanes, and we’ve been enjoying the last of the light before the northern hemisphere is plunged once more into impenetrable darkness, alleviated only by pumpkin spice and Jack O’ Lanterns. Things continue to be fairly quiet on the RPG news front, but what we have is pretty interesting. We see how Brexit could affect…

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This is an odd issue of d100, with a peculiar mix of serious & silly. The biggest news of the week: Wil Wheaton is suing geek media producer, Geek & Sundry over the revenue of the Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana actual play series. It’s a jarring story, and a sharp reminder of the business…

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This weekend was Gen Con, so the theme of this week’s update is primarily FOMO! (One day we’ll get there ourselves.) The biggest gaming convention in the world saw a huge number of announcements — I’m sure there’s some we’ve missed! A host of new products were announced, featuring high school sports teams, drug cartels, a…

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