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This week we learn that Wizards of the Coast is pushing further into the digital D&D space, purchasing a computer games studio that is already working on a Dungeons & Dragons game. In other digital news, a number of OneBookShelf accounts have been hacked, Roll20’s industry report shows movement in the top 10 RPGs, and…

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We’re back after a little rest with a slightly-later-than-normal update! (Can I just say that I highly recommend holidays? — Amy) This week we’ve got a fair bit of early D&D history, with a focus on the game’s contentious authorship. Notably, an article from Kotaku argues that Dave Arneson was the real genius behind role-playing…

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This weekend was Gen Con, so the theme of this week’s update is primarily FOMO! (One day we’ll get there ourselves.) The biggest gaming convention in the world saw a huge number of announcements — I’m sure there’s some we’ve missed! A host of new products were announced, featuring high school sports teams, drug cartels, a…

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