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This week: Twitch’s replacement of the Pogchamp emote with a rolling image leads to harassment; Dungeons & Dragons’ latest adventure anthology is announced; the Scout Association adds a Dungeons & Dragons badge; and also there are some unexpected beans. Follow us for updates: Support Us This site is built on the love of our supporters…

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Art from Bully Pulpit's 2020-themed playset for Fiasco

This week, we look backwards (at the industry in 2020, at Wizards’ history with race, at the rise of cosmic horror) and forwards (at the future of RPGs, and what to look forward to in 2021). Follow us for updates: 2020 was a trash fire of a year, but you folks, our readers, and especially…

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Has Amy used a tangential reference to Star Trek: Discovery to include an image of Michelle Yeoh that is at best tangentially relevant to the news? Yes she has. Merry Christmas. (CBS)

This week: the Dragonlance lawsuit is dismissed; Modiphius expands its license to bring new Star Trek properties to the tabletop; and GAMA changes the Origin RPG awards again. Follow us for updates: Support Us d100 runs on the support of wonderful people on Patreon and Ko-fi. Become a Patron! Industry News Margaret Weis and Tracy…

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Art from the recently released Cyberpunk 2077

This week: the release of the much-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has more than a few hiccups; some news about the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie drops, and we get a look at Cyanide’s upcoming Werewolf game. Content Warning: This week’s issue contains links to articles which contain nudity & adult language. Follow us for updates: Merry…

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And we’re back with all the news that we missed over the past three weeks! Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything disappoints on promised changes to race; Wizards of the Coast sued again; GAMA changes the Origin Awards; and… well, you know what, there’s a lot, let’s just get started. Follow us for updates: What We’ve Been…

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Artwork by Kyllian Guillart from Mythopoeia's Earthsea RPG

Although we’re taking a break from our regular updates, we thought we’d keep you in the loop on the timely parts of our round-ups! So here’s a quick update on deals & crowdfunding projects from the last week. Follow us for updates: Support Us Support us by joining our backers on Patreon and Ko-fi. Become…

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Artwork from Paradox Interactive's Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

This week: Paradox takes back the reins on the World of Darkness; controversy around Matthew Mercer’s character on Haunted West; and an ARG and LARP designer looks at how the QAnon delusion uses the same principles as a game.

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Teaser art from Stranger Things Season 4

Let’s be real: we’ve all been focused on politics this week, which has little crossover with RPGs (though we’re hoping for some). Things are pretty quiet on the RPG front: some Stranger Things, some RPG software, and massive support for a gloriously queer RPG Kickstarter closing this week.

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Cover art from Uk'otoa, a forthcoming board game from Critical Role's new game publishing house, Darrington Press

In this week’s biggest news, livestreamers-turned-media-company, Critical Role, launch their own game publishing studio. Hasbro releases its Q3 earnings report, showing massive growth in Dungeons & Dragons and dropping hints at something new on the way. Along with that: a federally-backed Australian D&D show; alien languages; Mörk Borg; and the next in the long (oh dear god, so long) list of Vampire: The Masquerade adaptations.

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After last week’s Dragonlance debacle, this week is a little quieter: GAMA restructures its membership, Wizards announces a new program of online mini-conventions, and a few new products: a new Roll20 app; a Terminator RPG; and a fan-made reimagining of an Oriental Adventures setting.

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