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This week: Hasbro’s Q1 report brings big news (and bad news); Jeff Goldblum will appear in an RPG actual play; early D&D history; and we ask some questions about Kickstarter’s use — or perhaps misuse — as a pre-ordering system. Follow us for regular updates: Support Us Our backers on Patreon and Ko-fi, uh, find…

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Kindred: The Embraced was a short-lived TV adaptation of Vampire: The Masquerade

This week big news on the media front as we learn of a World of Darkness TV universe in the early days of development. Meanwhile, the end of Q1 brings its regular reports: Roll20 on the most popular RPGs and Hasbro on the success of (among many other things) Dungeons & Dragons. Finally a number of exciting crowdfunding projects, including some solo sci-fi, some funky dice, and a miniatures game set in the Cyberpunk universe.

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Art from Free League's upcoming Ruins of Symbaroum

This week, a few articles again reflect on the pandemic, and what the future will mean for our industry — in particular, how conventions will go ahead, and how their growth in recent years could be curtailed by the last year’s events. Meanwhile, Free League releases another Kickstarter, and we look at their success in…

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Art from Sin, an upcoming sourcebook for the Spire RPG

There are some exciting new releases & announcements this week. Kickstarter hit, Wanderhome arrives on retail. Edge Entertainment quietly (almost sub-audibly) announces the arrival of the Twilight Imperium RPG for Genesys. And Modiphius launches the anticipated Dune RPG. Meanwhile, the Dungeons & Dragons film is delayed once again.

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Cover art from Critical Role's upcoming novel, Kith & Kin

This week, the release of Dungeons & Dragons’ latest adventure anthology brings controversy, with one contributor raising concerns around how his work was changed by editors. Meanwhile, Kickstarter’s head of community stands down after a controversial Kickstarter campaign. And a bumper crop of news about upcoming & new releases! Follow us for regular updates: Support…

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This week: the GAMA expo brings interesting insights into the RPG industry; an ill-thought-out Asian-themed sourcebook is pulled from production; and a Warframe-inspired RPG is cancelled after harassment from fans. Follow us for regular updates: Support Us All our backers on Patreon and Ko-fi get +2 to Charisma checks. Become a Patron! Industry James Gray…

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Art from Jamila Nedjadi's upcoming game, Apocalypse Keys

This week: the Old School Revival revival; a beautiful Hellboy-inspired RPG; and a fascinating Kickstarter that blurs the line between physical and digital… Follow us for regular updates: Support Us Keep the dream alive by joining our backers on Patreon and Ko-fi. Become a Patron! RPG History Dicebreaker looks at the recent Old School Revival…

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This week, we take a look at the impact of Brexit on the gaming industry, at some promising new products for online play, and a theologian’s view of the portrayal of witchcraft in indie RPGs. Follow us for regular updates: Support Us Nothing gets us up in the morning like our backers on Patreon and…

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A new logo for a new era of Wizards of the Coast

This week, we see big news from Hasbro as a restructuring of the company throws the spotlight onto Wizards of the Coast: we predict dramatic changes in the coming months. Meanwhile a very different shake-up at Paradox Interactive sees Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 indefinitely delayed. And an RPG anthology on Kickstarter draws public…

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