Author: Amy Goodenough

Cover art from D&D 3.5's Player's Handbook. Settle an argument between Amy & James: is it gorgeous or hideous?

We’re back from a short break, with some very big news: D&D is getting a big revision, coming in 2024 — and we’re pretty fascinated by the way in which they are approaching it. In even bigger news: board game giant, Asmodee is reportedly for sale. And we catch up on the Kickstarters that launched while…

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Cover art from Heart, winner of a stunning 7 ENnie awards.

This week: Gen Con is underway, but crowd control causes some controversy. Meanwhile, stories of a toxic culture at Paizo have been making the rounds on Twitter. And with Gen Con comes awards season: we see the winners of the Diana Jones and the ENnie Awards. Support Us This site is made possible by our…

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This week: a new RPG from the co-creator of Dragonlance; a new initiative looks to bring the magic of ZineQuest to other platforms; and a host of 5e Kickstarters. Support Us This site is made possible by our supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. Become a Patron! New & Upcoming Dragonlance co-creator, Tracy Hickman, announces Skyraiders…

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This week there’s yet another RPG to TV announcement, with a show based on the Exalted RPG headed to the small screen. ICO Partners looks at games on Kickstarter in 2021. Meanwhile, controversy surrounds two figures in the industry accused of sexual harassment. Support Us This site is made possible by our supporters on Patreon…

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Cover Art from John Harper's Blades in the Dark, now being adapted into a TV series

This week, John Harper’s hit RPG, Blades in the Dark, will get a TV adaptation; Virtual Tabletop platform, Role raises a stunning seed round; and controversy surrounds The Broken Token after accusations of sexual harassment are levelled at its CEO. Support Us This site is made possible by our supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. Become…

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Cover art from the original RuneQuest book. Artist: Luise Perenne. Perenne is the wife of the late Steve Perrin, who co-created RuneQuest.

This week, after the death of RuneQuest co-creator, Steve Perrin, his colleagues & collaborators remember his impact on the industry. Awards season hits, with the nominations for the ENnie awards and the Indie Groundbreaker Awards announced. Meanwhile, problems with international shipping continue to be highlighted, with Steve Jackson Games addressing the subject.

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Zephrah, from the upcoming Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn. Art by Kent Davis

This week, ICv2’s top-selling games show the success of Cyberpunk and third-party 5e games. Hasbro reveals its Q2 results, showing massive growth in its Wizards of the Coast products, despite the failure of a major digital release. Meanwhile, global shipping problems and EU regulations cause issues for game importers. Support Us This site is made…

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