About Us

d100 News is dedicated to reporting on the tabletop RPG industry. We track news from industry-related companies, notable releases and crowdfunding campaigns, and emerging trends in gaming.

Who We Are

Amy Goodenough

Amy Goodenough is the founder, owner and lead writer of d100 News. She is a writer and researcher working in mobile games development. Her published work includes mobile game scripts, Pathfinder setting and system material, and a museum exhibition.

Favourite RPGs: Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Fiasco, The One Ring
Currently Running: Dungeons & Dragons, Homebrew GUMSHOE
Twitter: @Goonwuff

James Graham

James Graham writes the crowdfunding news section, the occasional news item, and provides support. A veteran roleplayer since the 1980s, he works for venerable tabletop games shop Leisure Games.

Favourite RPGs: Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, The One Ring
Currently running: The One Ring, 13th Age
Twitter: @jamesgraham

What We Write

Weekly News Roundups

We produce a weekly update of RPG industry news, including new releases, product announcements, and popular crowdfunding campaigns.

Original Reporting and Articles

Occasionally we produce in-depth articles on industry subjects, reviews of games, and gaming history.

Why “d100”?

The weekly updates were originally imagined in the style of d20 games’ random tables: d100 RPG news headlines from this week. This format never materialised, but the name stuck.

How We’re Funded

We are funded through online advertising,  the generous support of our backers on Patreon and donations through Ko-Fi. Occasionally we may run clearly marked sponsored posts.