8–22 February 2022: NFT, JFC

In this week’s issue: an activist investor pushes for Hasbro to spin Wizards off as a separate company. Kickstarter elaborates on its blockchain plans, while Chaosium backs off from them. And Cubicle7 announces a new Doctor Who RPG using 5e as a base.

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A hedge fund with a 2.5% stake in Hasbro is urging the company to spin Wizards of the Coast off as its own company. One analyst says that this is unlikely to happen.

The motive here is purely financial: Alta Fox, the hedge fund in question, believes that the rest of Hasbro is underperforming compared to WotC, and that WotC could grow substantially in value without the rest of the business holding it back.

Kickstarter finally elaborates on its plans to incorporate the blockchain into its platform, promising transparency, collaboration, and (for now) no NFTs.

Chaosium, meanwhile, backpedals on its plans to create more NFTs.


TOR remembers the choose-your-own-adventure Dungeons & Dragons Romance novels of the 80s.

New & Upcoming

Cubicle 7 announces Doctors & Daleks, a Doctor Who RPG based on 5th Edition D&D. This will be published alongside Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game, which uses its own Vortex system.

The criticism and counter-criticism surrounding Dungeons & Dragons has seemed pretty toxic lately. Or, at least, exhausting. The dogpile of this announcement definitely was. — Amy

An upcoming new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has been spotted in Hasbro promotional material.

Modiphius announces Conan: The Shadow of the Sorceror, a campaign book for the Conan RPG.

Free League announces its own organized play program.

R. Talsorian is partnering with Darker Hue Studios to distribute the latter’s Haunted West RPG.

The European release of Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep will be delayed due to issues with shipping.

Another Vampire The Masquerade adaptation — a hybrid board- and video-game is on the way.

There’s a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired musical coming to New York.

Crowdfunding News

Noteworthy New Projects

Sunken Isles: A Hawaii-inspired setting for 5e, by Eldermancy (Stibbles’ Codex of Companions, The Seeker’s Guide to Twisted Taverns). So far this project has raised $269,000 from 3,200 backers. Ends March 19th

Dungeon Crawl Classics 100 — Music of the Spheres is Chaos: A chaotic, spinning dungeon-crawl, by Goodman Games. So far this project has raised $146,000 from 2,400 backers. Ends March 12th

I’m not an OSR dungeon-crawl person but colour me intrigued by this map. I kind of want it. — Amy

Elements of Inspiration — Bring Your World To Life!: A set of inspirational prompt cards for game-masters and writers, by Nord Games (The Oracle Story Generator Tarot-Sized Cards, Dangerous Destinations Hardcover or PDF for any Fantasy RPG!, The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E). So far this project has raised $171,000 from 1,000 backers. Ends March 10th

In Other Waters — Tidebreak: Explore and study the oceanic world of Gliese 667Cc in a new module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG, by Lone Archivist (Primeval_, What We Give To Alien Gods). So far this project has raised $54,000 from 1,800 backers. Ends March 1st

Hell on the High Plains: A setting book and accessories for the Deadlands Weird West RPG, by Shaun Hensley / Pinnacle Entertainment. So far this project has raised $123,000 from 1,300 backers. Ends March 2nd

Zweihander Fantasy Horror RPG Starter Kit: A starter set for the Zweihander RPG, by Andrews McMeel (Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG, Main Gauche chaos supplement for Zweihänder Grim & Perilous, Flames of Freedom RPG: Powered by Zweihander). So far this project has raised $57,000 from 1,000 backers. Ends February 28th

Closing Soon

Tome of Beasts 3 is the third in Kobold Press’s set of 5e monster manuals. So far this project has raised $700,000) from 8,600 backers. Ends February 24th

We see so many bestiaries. But I’ve generally liked Kobold Press’s stuff, so I’m tempted. — Amy

Seeds of Decay is another 5e campaign setting, bestiary and adventure. So far this project has raised $96,000 from 1,300 backers. Ends February 24th


The Deck of Inspiration: A set of cards giving alternative options for the D&D Inspiration mechanic, by Quests & Chaos — February 24th

This seems like a kind of neat concept. At least, it’s looking to improve on a mechanic that feels a little undercooked in 5e. — Amy

Karthax — The Living Tower (5e): A dungeon crawl for 5e levels 3-10, by Grim Press (Allies & Antagonists: A Big Book of D&D 5e NPCs) — March 2nd

Dossier Decks — 5e Fantasy Environments: A set of encounter-building cards for 5e, by SkeletonKey Games (Arcane Scrollworks: Ascension, The Masticator Gate — A Third Party Mörk Borg Campaign, Adventure Tiles: Darkharrow Crypt) — March 11th

Cyran’s Magnificent Walking Marketplace: A commerce-focused supplement for 5e, races, and rules, by Unlimited Realms Ltd. (Ginny Di’s Library of Witticisms, The Deck of Rumours — A Noticeboard Deck for your RP needs) — March 18th

Crucible Magazine: A monthly magazine for 5e, by Crucible Magazine — March 17th

Epic Legacy Tome of Titans — Vol. 2: A bestiary of epic monsters for 5e, by 2CGaming (Rewards & Rarities, Epic Legacy Hero’s Handbook, Venture Maidens Campaign Guide for 5th Edition) — March 21st

One-shot Dungeons for 5E — 1€: A collection of one-shot dungeons for 5e, by Nerdura Games (Tekkaforce, Crawlout) — March 15th

OSR & Retro

The Toxic Wood: A hexcrawl adventure for Old School Essentials, set in a weird, corrosive forest, by Shane Walshe (Woodfall — A mini hexcrawl setting, Willow, The Haunted Hamlet — and other hexes) — February 26th

The Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies Zine Month: A set of tri-fold adventures for Mörk Borg, by Scott A. (Psalm IV:I, A Third-Party Mörk Borg Zine, Junction City: A Modern Horror RPG Adventure) — February 26th

Fabled Paths: An Old School-style sandbox RPG, by phlvx — February 22nd

Chaos Before the Mast: A seafaring adventure for 5e and Dungeon Crawl Classics, by Gaming Honors (Dwellings & Driveways: Keep on the Cul-de-Sac!, The Bane of the Ancients, MCC-Compatible RPG Module, The Exodus of Wolfbane, An Epic 0-2nd-Level DCC RPG Module) — February 26th

Orc Borg — brutal chaos powered by Mörk Borg: A zine-sized RPG based on Mörk Borg, by Grant Howitt / Rowan Rook & Decard — March 3rd

DNGN: A weird fantasy megadungeon zine for Old School Essentials and other OSR games, by Singing Flame — March 18th

Other & Generic Fantasy

Downtime in Zyan: A zine of rules for downtime in fantasy RPGs, by Ben Laurence (Through Ultan’s Door) — February 25th

Barkeep on the Borderlands: A system-neutral pubcrawl adventure, by Prismatic Wasteland — February 27th

Gregor’s Guide to Gates: A book of planar gates for travelling between worlds in fantasy RPGs, by Philip Reed (Curic’s Cursed Chapbook, a third-party work for Mörk Borg, Mimics, An Unnecessary Work, for Use With Fantasy RPGs, Tome of Skulls, a third-party work for the Mörk Borg RPG) — February 28th

Tim Kask’s Curse of the Weaver Queen: A classic spider-themed adventure, compatible with 5e, DCC and OSE, by Old Guard Games — February 28th

Beasts of the Outer Swells: A system-neutral zine setting about a fantasy city where the rain never stops, by Andrew D Devenney (A Visitor’s Guide to the Rainy City, Flott’s Miscellany Volume Two) — March 1st

Dungeon Local 001: A reverse-dungeon crawling RPG about taking back your home from meddling adventurers and tyrannical overlords, by Michael Elliott (Merger) — March 2nd

Haunted Witch Hill: A set of hand-drawn maps and magic items, by XploringMap (Hand drawn Tabletop Maps for D&D or any RPG, 60 Tabletop Maps for Dungeons and Dragons or any RPG, The Old Mine — RPG Adventure. Dungeon Battle Maps + Minis) — March 7th


Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game: A Lovecraftian horror game using the AGE system, by Green Ronin Publishing — March 24th


Unchained Mysteries: A toolkit for designing mystery scenarios, by Jesse Burneko (Dungeons & Dilemmas) — February 23rd

I’m intrigued by the promises here — looks like my jam. — Amy


Absolute Power – Superhero Role-Playing Game (2-Volume Set): A new edition of the Silver Age Sentinels superhero RPG, by Dyksami Publishing (BESM Extras – Fourth Edition RPG Expansions, Anime 5E – Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Reimagined, Pixies, Wyrms, Demonicity – Three Mini Role-Playing Games) — March 4th


Last Sentinels: “Tell the tragic story of a doomed mech pilot as they protect their remaining people from a relentless foe”, by Jason Price (A Complicated Profession) — February 28th

For Small Creatures Such As We: A sci-fi TTRPG about creating and connecting with alien species as you travel the galaxy. Inspired by Becky Chambers Wayfarers series, by Anna Blackwell (Delve: A Solo Game of Digging Too Deep, Apothecaria — A Solo Journalling RPG, Apawthecaria: A Poultice Pounder Adventure) — March 2nd

Storygames & Experimental

The Royal Cartographer: A 1-4 player worldbuilding and mapmaking RPG about imprecise maps and the communities they represent, by Albi (Superstition) — February 25th

The Fall of Home: Your home is gone. The ruins, and your memories, remain. A diceless, collaborative storytelling TTRPG for 2-5 players, by Jo Winter (Last Orders! Craft Ales for Fantasy RPGs) — February 28th

Two games with really beautiful themes. — Amy


Glide: A solo roleplaying game about exploration, discovery, and finding your place. Inspired by the world of Dune, by Cody Barr (Wandering Dreams, Courier — a solo RPG zine) — February 28th

Colostle — The Roomlands: An expansion for the solo journaling game, Colostle, by Nich Angell (Cat and Meringue 1000 Days of Adventure, 7string Volume 2 — Ready to Launch, Colostle — A solo RPG Adventure Gamebook) — March 17th

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