3–9 November 2020: The Hellfire Club

Teaser art from Stranger Things Season 4

Let’s be real: we’ve all been focused on politics this week, which has little crossover with RPGs (though we’re hoping for some). Things are pretty quiet on the RPG front: some Stranger Things, some RPG software, and massive support for a gloriously queer RPG Kickstarter closing this week.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Lately, we’ve been playing a lot of board games online together, in particular Small World and Lords of Waterdeep. Both games have pretty good digital adaptations (barring a few accessibility issues). They’re also asynchronous, meaning you don’t even need to find time to play together, although we tend to prefer playing live and trash-talking over Discord.

I also always forget what I’m doing when we play asynchronously, which is the only reason that James always beats me. — Amy

After months of fighting bad internet connections to roleplay, it’s been nice playing games that aren’t so dependent on smooth communication, and especially in this stressful period, we’ve appreciated switching off our brains to play more straightforward tactical games.

It would be nice if a few more of our favourites were available digitally (Battlestar Galactica, sniff!) — our experience of playing fan-made adaptations on platforms like Tabletop Sim has been much less successful.

What digital board games do you think we should try?

What We’ve Been Making

We’re really excited to have taken our first step into audio, with the d100 Newscast! Joining us on the d100 team is Jessica Gao, long-time supporter and our new podcast producer. We’ve released a pilot, and Episode 2 will launch soon for Patreon backers before arriving on your favourite podcast app.

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New & Upcoming

Stranger Things teases the show’s fourth season with RPG-themed art:

EN World releases a round up of print books dropping in November.

Fantasy Grounds officially launches its Unity update.

Veeeery tempted by some of those features. — Amy

Dicebreaker talks to Martin Takaichi about the upcoming The One Ring 2nd Edition.

Modiphius releases Back to Reality, an adventure for Star Trek Adventures.


Dungeons & Dragons is auctioning art in support of Extra Life.

Bundles & Deals

Bundle of Holding is offering a bundle of third party Starfinder books, two bundles of GM advice, and a bundle of Kult: Divinity Lost books.

Humble Bundle is offering a bundle of Dungeon Crawl Classics books.

Crowdfunding News

Closing Soon

Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a melodramatic queer roleplaying game, Powered by the Apocalypse. So far this project has raised $236,000 from 6,300 backers. Ends November 12th.

Very pleasantly surprised to see this project do as well as it has done, it being Evil Hat’s most successful project since Fate Core back in 2012.

This is huge in tabletop RPG crowdfunding terms, particularly one which doesn’t come with a miniatures side project (or indeed any add-ons at all aside from a Roll20 module). It’s the 3rd highest funded non-5e TTRPG project in 2020 so far (after Twilight 2000 and Wanderhome).

The fact that Evil Hat is now fulfilling physical rewards outside of the US will almost certainly have helped this one. Nevertheless, in an era of endless 5e bestiaries, it’s nice to be reminded there’s a real market for more diverse and unique subjects in RPGs. — James

Carbon 2185 Terminal Overdrive is an updated sourcebook and adventure module for the 5e cyberpunk RPG. So far this project has raised £117,000 ($153,000) from 2,000 backers. Ends November 13th.

These are respectable numbers, but this project looks set to see fewer backers than the original Carbon 2185 last year (2,000 compared with 3,200). The setting itself seems to offer very few surprises, nor an especially innovative approach to a well-established genre. — James


Eldritch: A Lovecraftian setting for 5e, by BlackVault — November 29th

Before the Stroke of Midnight: A Poe-inspired Gothic Fantasy adventure for 5e, by Midnight Tower (Welcome to the Midnight Tower campaign page, Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy) — December 3rd

Other & Generic Fantasy

Dust: A weird west setting for the Slayers RPG, by Spencer Campbell (Score: A Modern Day Heist RPG, Slayers) — November 16th

WanderSquares: An RPG-ish choose-your-own-adventure card game, by Matthew Carlson — November 19th


Atlas Architect: A world-building, map-making computer game, by Danial Rashidi (Crooked Kingdom) — November 19th

Not exactly RPG-related, but the potential for GM world-building is obvious and has been noted. I backed it. — Amy

This update was made possible by Keenan Collett, and the rest of our Patreon supporters.

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