3–8 September 2019: Brexit; Cubicle 7 Departures; Tingles

Summer wanes, and we’ve been enjoying the last of the light before the northern hemisphere is plunged once more into impenetrable darkness, alleviated only by pumpkin spice and Jack O’ Lanterns.

Things continue to be fairly quiet on the RPG news front, but what we have is pretty interesting. We see how Brexit could affect the import of board games into the UK. There seems to be a dramatic shake-up of the Warhammer team at Cubicle 7, and at the same time a changing of the guard at Green Ronin.

We also have a Star Trek adventure writing competition, changes to the Origins awards, and an RPG based on a gay erotica series (Guys, my mom reads these updates. — Amy).

Featured Image: Tingleverse RPG Cover Art. We don’t know which artist is to blame.

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Folk vs. Medicine

Amy is teaming up with the folks from On the Shoulders of Dwarves for a livestream supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation. On September 15th at 10 am BST, we’ll be playing a game of Kevin Petker’s The Ward: Modern Medical Drama. We hope you’ll join us!

Industry News

Changes to the way VAT will work in Britain after Brexit could hit board game Kickstarters hard. While books might be exempt from this, this could affect RPG accessories.

May we take this opportunity to remind our British readers to register to vote?

There will be changes to the Origins awards next year. This includes the introduction of a new award for a “Digital Adaptation of a Physical Game”: a natural fit with the current wave of computer game adaptations.

Careers (and Career Changes)

Three creators of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG have apparently left Cubicle 7 in the past week. We can confirm that Andy Law, the game’s producer, has left, and have seen references to Lindsay Law and Andrew Leask having resigned (we can’t confirm this). Cubicle 7 has been quick to assure fans that work on the RPG is continuing, but it’s not clear what the reason for this exodus might be.

Dragon Age RPG developer, Jack Norris, leaves Green Ronin, to be replaced by ex-Paizo designer, Owen K.C. Stephens.

Gen Con is hiring a web developer.

Cubicle 7 is hiring freelance writers for Warhammer 40K.

New and Upcoming Products

The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is finally available everywhere after its exclusive run at Target.

We’re still a little saddened that this product was available exclusively at Target, after D&D stopped giving hobby shops an early release. Brick and mortar game stores have always been the lifeblood of the industry. Support your local game store! If you don’t have a local game store, consider supporting ours. (They deliver.)

(NSFW) There is an official RPG for the Chuck Tingle novels. Tingle’s work includes titles like Sentient Lesbian Jet Ski Gets Me Off and Not Pounded At The Last Second Because Consent Can Be Given And Revoked At Any Moment And This Is A Wonderful Thing That’s Important To Understand.

Sometimes this is a beautiful, mad world and this is one of those times. — Amy

Pelgrane Press is launching a Community Content program for GUMSHOE.

The Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty adventure is now available to pre-order.


Modiphius is teaming up with Arc Games, creators of Star Trek Online, to run a competition to create an adventure for Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures, set in the Star Trek Online universe.

Crowdfunding News

Closing Soon

Trudvang Chronicles: Muspelheim has raised over SEK 830,000 ($86,000) from just over 1,000 backers. This is not a huge surprise given the critical and commercial success Trudvang Chronicles, an RPG based on Nordic and Celtic mythology.

Fantasy 5e & Pathfinder

Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva, a 5e Supplement: A supplement adding a witch class based on the Pepper & Carrot comics to 5e, by Xacur — September 9th

SideQuests 3: More Easy Adventures for 5E Dungeons & Dragons: A collection of one-shot side-quest adventures for 5e, by Dominic M. (SideQuests, SideQuests II) — September 10th

Historia: Dark Fantasy Renaissance Setting for 5e: A dark renaissance-era fantasy featuring anthropomorphic animals, by Mana Project Studio (Journey To Ragnarok) — October 4th


Barbarians of the Ruined Earth: A post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG inspired by Thundarr the Barbarian, by Mike (wrathofzombie) Evans (Demon City, A World of Visceral Adventure) — October 2nd

Note that a different version of this project was launched a couple of months ago but was not successful. This version has a more modest funding goal, mainly apparently because the books will now be fulfilled using DriveThru’s print on demand service rather than printed.

Video Games

Solasta: Crown of the Magister: A turn-based tactical computer RPG based on the 5th edition SRD, by Tactical Adventures — October 4th

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