4–10 March 2019: The Gygax Legacy, Critical Role breaks records, Pathfinder 2e Approaches

The Gygax Legacy and D&D History

March 4th marked the 11th anniversary of the death of Dungeons & Dragons inventor, Gary Gygax. The date also coincidentally marks GM’s Day.

Kotaku discusses Gail Gygax, Gary Gygax’s widow, and her battle to control the Intellectual Property left behind after Gary’s death in 2008. RPG historian, Shannon Appelcine (Designers & Dragons) critiques the article as “sensationalistic”, and offers links to a series of articles discussing some of the same subjects.

D&D Beyond interviews Luke Gygax, son of D&D inventor, Gary Gygax, about his father’s legacy.

Critical Role, the Dungeons & Dragons actual play which recently went independent from Geek & Sundry, launched a Kickstarter for an animated special based on the characters of their first season. The Kickstarter, which had a target of $750k has had an astonishing first week, hitting $1 million in less than an hour. The show is now the most-funded video/film project in Kickstarter history. Variety offers a great summary of the project and its unexpected success. At time of writing, the show has passed $6.9 million, with 38 days to go, and has expanded from a single animated special to a series.

EN World talks about how the panic around Momo recalls the Satanic Panic surrounding D&D.

RPG historian, Jon Peterson, gives us the original Illusionist class, and talks about the development of magic in D&D.

Comic-book author, Jim Zub, talks about the causes behind the surge in D&D’s popularity.

Pathfinder Second Edition

A female barbarian character, holding a large sword, wearing hide armour that exposes her stomach.
Pathfinder‘s iconic barbarian, Amiri, as redesigned by Wayne Reynold’s for the game’s second edition.

Paizo announces that Pathfinder’s Second Edition is coming 1 August 2019, and lists the new line’s first releases.

Pathfinder has dropped off the ICv2 top-selling RPGs list for Fall 2018, presumably as gamers await the release of Pathfinder’s Second Edition.

Pathfinder’s iconic barbarian gets an armour redesign, but still has an exposed stomach, presumably for uterus power.

Modiphius is (still) the Belle of the Ball

The cover of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Tabletop Roleplaying in the Wasteland.
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, coming soon from Modiphius

Modiphius announces the development of two RPGs based on the Fallout franchise: the first an extension of their Wasteland Warfare miniatures game (coming Summer 2019), the second using their 2d20 system (coming 2020).

Iron GM Games is partnering with Modiphius to release its Grimmerspace setting for Starfinder, which it is developing in partnership with Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things).

How to Make It (and one that didn’t)

Dziobak Larp Studios, the collective behind such blockbuster LARPs as College of Wizardry, announces that it is closing down, effective immediately, due to a failure to raise funds.

Four marketing professionals & gamers talk about marketing in the RPG industry.

Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green) offers some lessons learned about publishing in the industry.

Corporate News

Kobold Press’s Dan Dillon joins the Dungeons & Dragons team as a game designer.

SyFy Wire interviews Alison Luhrs, Senior Narrative Designer at Wizards of the Coast.

Free RPG Day has been acquired by Gaming Days.

Upcoming Launches

Game Informer gives us a look at Arcana of the Ancients, Monte Cook Games’ upcoming science fantasy game for D&D 5e.

Starting with Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Wizards of the Coast are abandoning their practice of releasing books at brick-and-mortar game stores before online retailers, switching to a universal release date going forward.

Required Reading

Game designer and writer, Jonaya Kemper, talks about Representation Burnout — that is, the exhaustion faced by individuals in minority groups when they are constantly called on to represent their group — in the LARPing and RPG worlds. It contains some very valuable guidance on what Allies can do to support folks experiencing burnout.

Deals & Bundles

Bundle of Holding is running a bundle of Castle Oldskull supplements.

Kickstarter News


Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special: An animated show based on the first campaign of the world’s most popular actual play, by Critical Role (first project) — April 19th

5e & Pathfinder

HeroBook GM – The 5E Game Master Notebook: A notebook for GMs of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, by Material Components (HeroBook – The 5E Player Character Notebook) — April 4th

The World of the Lost Lands: A campaign world based on previous publications by Frog God and Necromancer Games, by Frog God Games (Rappan Athuk) — April 4th

Witch+Craft, a 5e Supplemental: A crafting system for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, by Astrolago Press (Faerie Fire, a 5e supplemental) — April 5th


For Glory #1, The Hexanomicon: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Zine, Ariel Churi (first project) — March 21st

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Zine Returns! A continuation of a Metal-themed zine for Dungeon Crawl Classics, by Adam Muszkiewicz (first project) — March 27th


The Citadel at Norðvorn: A Norse setting for Dungeon Fantasy, by Douglas H. Cole (The Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Fantasy RPG) — March 25th

Powered by GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint: A collection of monsters for Dungeon Fantasy, by Warehouse 23 (The Fantasy Trip Adventures) — March 22nd

General Fantasy

GODS: A dark fantasy RPG, by Arkhane Asylum, by Arkhane Asylum (first project) — March 28th

Horror / Mystery / Lovecraft

Grey Cells RPG: A crime fiction RPG, by Bogdan Constantinescu (first project) — March 25th

Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes RPG by Michael Stackpole: A new edition of the 1983 20th-century pulp RPG, by Michael Stackpole, by Richard Loomis (Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls) — March 26th


Manifest the RPG: A Sci-Fi Western RPG, by Waypoint Game Designs (first project) — April 1st

Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers Aid Society: A set of sourcebooks for the Traveller RPG, by Matthew Sprange / Mongoose Publishing (Traveller RPG, Paranoia RPG) — April 7th

Powered by the Apocalypse

OBACHAN PANIC! RPG Zine: Described by the author as “MONSTER OF THE WEEK x MONSTERHEARTS, but with adorable grannies and aunties”, by flyaturtle~ (first project) — March 15th

The Veil: Inheritance, a biopunk tabletop roleplaying game: A supplement for The Veil cyberpunk RPG, by Samjoko Publishing (The Veil, Hack the Planet) — April 1st


Fall of Magic: Songs from the Axe and Fiddle: A Zine for the Fall of Magic story-game, by Ross Cowman (Serpent’s Tooth and BFF!) — March 27th

Adventure Game Books

Graphic Novel Adventures – Season 2: A series of choose-your-own-adventure-style graphic novels, by A.J. Porfirio (Hostage Negotiator) — March 26th

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