28 January – 3 February 2019: Streaming, The Mountain Goats, Dragon McDragonface


Onyx Path talks about how and why they run Kickstarters for their games, highlighting the challenges Kickstarter presents, including the frequent issue of shipping costs.

Chaosium grants EDGE Entertainment the license to publish Call of Cthulhu and Runequest in French and Spanish.

I Stream, You Stream

Fantasy Flight Games launches its own streaming content (including a one-shot of the Shadow of the Beanstalk setting for Genesys) with FFG Live.

Paizo signs an official deal with Twitch channel Dragons and Things.

Digital Tools

Roll20 adds animation to its maps, hinting that the feature “lays the groundwork for even more exciting updates.”

D&D Beyond launches its new Discord server.


Chris Perkins at Wizards of the Coast teases sketches for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons product.


Wizards of the Coast seeks a UA Data Analyst.

Because Of Course

The Mountain Goats announced their new album, In League With Dragons, which they call ‘dragon noir’, and performed a Facebook Live Session at the Wizards of the Coast headquarters in Renton, WA. Because of course.

William Shatner is slated to appear in a so-called ‘Dungeons and Dragons battle’ in the final season of Big Bang Theory. Because of course.

GenCon is running a competition to name their new dragon mascot. Dragon McDragonface is a popular choice. Because of course.

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